RAID de l ‘Etang de Berre can commit child abuse and abduction and receive public fundings at the same time?
When politicians tries to hide the truth?

Garcimore words:

Edgar, my son, my battle!
“It’s not just genes that make families, humans who love each other are enough”
These few words sum up my life today, at your side Edgar, these few moments when you changed the course of my life because from now on we both know perfectly well that nothing will ever be the same again…
I would like, here, in front of this sheet where I am engaging in a very difficult exercise, in these precious moments of joy, happiness and pleasure, to express with sincerity but above all with accuracy, one of my deepest convictions.
I am absolutely certain, my little Edgar, wherever you find yourself, something of you will hear me and listen to me when you encounter a difficulty.
Every day, I walk along the wonderful Berre pond in Saint-Chamas and the ebb of the waves takes me back to days when I contemplate you on your bike or at the beach.
You are, for me, one of those powerful and impetuous beings at the same time, always ready, without measure, with the will that characterizes you so well, to move forward.
This moment when you are in your bed when you seek sleep, this moment when you fall asleep, the complete love that you have for your family, for your mother remains and will remain for me, a model of love and affection but above all and above all a model of sharing.
You give me so much, so much love and affection. You certainly don’t know, you are still very little, the wonderful song of Vianney, its name quite simply is “handsome dad but you like me know that I am your dad. No matter what others think, let them will never be able to understand what we share every day.
One sentence, in particular, is stuck, more than ever, in my memory and I also wanted, here, to share it with you: “and if the downpour hits you and me, we cross it in twos or threes.
And if the downpour hits you and me, take your daddy’s hand.”
Our happiness today, that of seeing again the folds of your smile, that angelic face, that love, I would carry it until the end of my existence. But your example, little Edgar, will have made me and your family very happy beings full of pride.
I remember our walks, I still remember them, we talked along the pond, heart to heart, I should say soul to soul. I have never received, I believe, such a lesson in hope and humanity because you are such an endearing child, authentic and radiant with Love with a capital A.
Another sentence from Slimane could, here, underline the true nature of my emotions.
I would be tempted to say, to also write to you, that it was said somewhere that words make men love each other.
These men continue the interpreter who have a beating heart. Yes, my heart is beating like never before. These words of love that you gave us, that you gave me, these beautiful words, these gestures and beyond these words everything that is not said out of shyness sometimes.
Your affection, your concern, and above all your generosity are, for me, the cement of our relationship within a beautiful family. All this was hidden behind your silences but it is in your eyes, in this deep look that I draw the strength to love you so much.
Edgar all these moments that make everything, I will keep them, we will keep them in us for a long time very firmly to continue to live and to hope, thinking of you when I am no longer here, but rest assured, I will not be so far away, I I will watch over you beside the stars.
From now on, this love is a bond that will forever seal our meeting, our love, and all these little moments of affection that I was able to share alongside you, my son.
Yes, I love you so much, I am convinced that from up there with the stars that will shine above your head, I will continue to watch over you, to protect you, and for all of this, I want to thank you for everything that you did for me.
I am extremely grateful, you will remain without our Great, unconditional Love which cannot be forgotten!
You will grow up and undoubtedly experience the difficulties of life too, when you feel the need to speak, I will be there above your head like a caring father must watch over his child whatever happens in life .
You are very lucky, you have a loving family around you who thinks of you constantly, so you can, when you close your eyes, be soothed and have sweet dreams like all children do.
And to conclude I will again paraphrase Slimane “no need to look anymore, I found you”. I can easily tell you I love you Edgar, your dad Philippe