Summary Child abduction of my son Edgar 08-21-2023
I hope my son is doing well under these circumstances and I am very happy with all the local support I have A Saint-Chamas premises – Thank you so much for helping to protect Edgar.
Irina Kryukova and Jean-Phillipe Garcia-Lavezzi of RAID de l’Etang de Berre continue to misinform police and authorities with false police reports and misinformation about their whereabouts, etc.
Follow us in the weeks to come and discover their crazy stories and accusations with the authorities
Edgar was declared abducted by the Marseilles court on 25/07-2023 and is illegally residing in France.
They still try to portray themselves as rescuers and raise funds for orphaned Ukrainian children, even though they have been convicted of child abuse and kidnapping.
It is the height of hypocrisy to promote yourself to help orphans while being convicted of child abduction.
See the video here around Jean-Philippe tries to erase the traces of the child on social networks.
Irina fled during a court case for custody she lost in another country
This photo was taken in hiding where Jean-Philippe walks with my son