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Enlèvement d’enfant – Saint-Chamas – Edgar Kryukov

Status of the Edgar case – France Wake up!
Share the post against child abuse – especially my son Edgar is exposed
(sorry for bad french as I use google translate)

The case is being processed at the French court in Aix-en-Provence regarding the extradition of my abused son Edgar
We tried to visit Edgar last weekend without success as Irina kryukova and Jean-phillipe Garcia-lavezzi (Garcimore) from RAID de l’Etang de Berre were once again hiding from authorities and police (see previous post).
They are interrogated by the police and brought before a judge afterwards, as the visit was notified between the countries to the French authorities – But again the French authorities & police were unprepared and did not know how to act in the situation.

Irina and Garcimore are promoting themselves in the association RAID de l’Etang de Berre, collecting money from associations and private individuals to help Ukrainian orphans, while they themselves are hiding abducted children in France? That must be the pinnacle of hypocrisy in French society!

This is once again a failure of the French authorities due to slow processing times in the French judicial system. Irina & Garcimore are now guilty of over 130 offences, which cover everything from assault, threats, extortion and mistreatment of my son Edgar – and especially the last part hurts me a lot.
But France supports this with public funds.

The Hague Convention is an international set of rules which should ensure the immediate return of abducted children. In 2019, France was at 33% extraditions out of a European average of 74%. (The remaining cases resolved in other non-judicial ways).

Why won’t France return children to their immediate family? Does France want to be an international child abduction center? with the protection of the authorities, can you abduct children to France?

In this case, my son Edgar declares abducted and illegally in France at the court in Marseille 25/7-2023 (the judgment is on this page and can be read) – But France refuses to extradite Edgar to Denmark? Does Denmark violate international human rights? or what the French court’s reasoning?

Is this what France wants to be known for? That we in Europe help Ukrainian refugees with special rules and benefits, and under the pretext of the war and hide in France? help criminals with residence and protection? Give them public funds and housing? Give them protection so that it can continue their criminal activities in France?

Should France be internationally known for being a place where mothers can hide from the international laws and regulations between the EU countries?

In my case, Edgar and I are fortunately not alone and I am supported by international parent and children’s organisations, which this Wednesday had a meeting at the French Embassy in Copenhagen, where the case was discussed.

But the French court is now 6 months late in relation to international law – Edgar should have been returned in September. But the French court cannot take up the task and thereby helps criminals and at the same time the public gives them money! Should your tax money support criminal acts?

No one involved in this case is a French citizen, so why does France think that they have the right and permission to interfere in the case? – especially when their legal system is not up to the task?.
The case has run in 3 countries and there are over 130 violations? But in France, do they think they can handle the case better?

France – Wake up! – These are basic human rights that your courts ignore and discriminate against! We live in 2024 and your legal system runs on an outdated system.

I would like to point out that no one should contact the abductors in this case. The authorities know where Edgar is in Saint-chamas. But they cannot react, as the courts do not have time to make decisions.

I have been lucky enough that many local French citizens have helped me and tell me how my son is doing and where he is – but the French authorities did not have time.

But I hope that more local French citizens will help and support me against an ineffective French legal system that ignores basic human rights and international agreements they have acceded to.