Help me keep Edgar protected and safe

We had an episode at school on Thursday, where Irina Kryukova and Jean-phillipe Garcia Lavezzi made a scene at Edgar’s school and pulled him out of the school show Edgar had been rehearsing with his friends – to hurt me.

These people are obviously under a lot of pressure because of the upcoming trial where they are accused of child abuse and child abduction.

And this unfortunately looks like they are now taking out their frustrations on Edgar.

If you experience similar episodes affecting Edgar, please contact me and we will contact the social services and ask them to take Edgar into safe custody away from these unstable people.

I repeat – Do not financially support Le RAID de l’tang de berre and their heartless convoy – They face heavy fines and penalties – and the money most likely will not reach those who need it. They are charged by the French judiciary and the trial is set in Marseille in a few weeks